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21-days to Heightened Pleasure, Deeper Intimacy & Orgasmic Bliss

skrevet af Dr. Andrea Pennington, MD, C.Ac.

Engelsk Bog skrevet af læge Andrea Pennington, fordi hun ønsker at orgasme skal være mere tilgængelig for kvinder. Bogen refererer flere steder til Props & Pearls egen hjemmeside When Love Hurts (


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The Orgasm Prescription for women educates and empowers you to discover and embrace your sexual and sensual self to have healthy, satisfying intimate relationships. In it you’ll learn how to have more intense orgasms, boost your sexual desire, increase sexual pleasure and fulfillment, increase intimacy with your partner, enhance your sexual confidence, and introduce more play, excitement and novelty into your sex life.

Now it is time to reclaim your sense of feminine power, renew your natural healing ability and revitalize your sense of wellbeing – starting with your orgasm.